An Enchanted 5th Birthday

An Enchanted 5th Birthday

Making candied apples was a fun activity for both the parents and kids! I found some clear to-go boxes on Amazon that had a hole on top for the stick to poke out and they could take them home with them to eat.

Kids could visit the mine shaft and select some jeweled rings and gems to take home as some extra goodies!

I found this cute wishing well at a local party rental place and the bunny from Amazon. It was the perfect touch!

The girls had fun writing "well wishes" and tossing them in the well. It will be a fun keepsake for the party girl to read, years to come =)

We couldn't have an enchanted birthday without a visit from the princess herself! 

I love my family for putting up with my crazy ideas! Super easy and fun to do. Made these in no time at all with a Cricut and each person fully embraced their character!

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