Whiskey Pine 40

Whiskey Pine 40

We reached out to Brittany's family to get pictures of her from birth to present and made a photo book for guests to sign-in on.

These were a BIG hit with the guests! @GrazeBabes were easy to work with knocked it out of the park!

I dug through my Christmas decorations and pulled out all the pine I could find!

We made cute custom labels to put around some of the whiskey bottles. I was able to recycle the votive I used for another event which was easily made with a square glass votive, sticks from the yard with some twine and moss.

Table linens were from tableclothfactory.com. I LOVE the Tuffeta linens. They give great texture and you don't need to worry about wrinkles!

Cheers to the birthday girl!

These napkins were found on Amazon and worked perfectly!

The only trees in the backyard were Palm Trees (not very mountainy). I asked everyone I knew if I could borrow their artificial Christmas Trees and felt like the Grinch running around the neighborhood collecting these trees, but we had 5 set up in the backyard with white lights and it really brought the event to life.

For the main event we hired Sticks and Stones and they were absolutely AMAZING!

As guests left, there was a party favor table where they could take a jack and coke and trail mix. The jars for the trail mix were from Amazon. I found the plastic animals on Amazon as well and spray painted them gold. I glued a patch of moss to the lid and glued the animal down on top.

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